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Why is a Third-party Microsoft 365 Backup Crucial for Business Security?

A new article by business technology leader eMazzanti Technologies debunks the common myth that migrating to the cloud removes the necessity of comprehensive data backups. The article first looks at the limitations of data redundancy and recovery features built into Microsoft 365.
Next, the author previews the upcoming Microsoft 365 Backup product announced last July, which represents a step forward. However, she indicates that even this solution falls short of critical business continuity needs. Finally, she offers tips on what to look for in a backup solution and suggests a solution.
“Security threats and compliance requirements raise the bar for data protection. Native Microsoft 365 backup tools help. However, the need for flexibility and precision makes a third-party Microsoft 365 backup crucial,” commented Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies.
Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Why is a Third-party Microsoft 365 Backup Crucial for Business Security?.

Limitations of Native Options Make Third-party Microsoft 365 Backup Crucial

“Microsoft provides important data redundancy by mirroring business data in at least two locations. Additionally, Microsoft retains deleted emails for 30 days and deleted SharePoint files for 90 days. A Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 subscription does allow for more advanced data retention policies, but these subscriptions come at significant cost.”
What About the Upcoming Microsoft 365 Backup Solution?
“At Inspire in July 2023, Microsoft announced that it had begun developing Microsoft 365 Backup and Microsoft 365 Archive. Now in preview, Microsoft 365 Backup promises substantial improvement over existing data redundancy and retention features.”

Essential Components of a Successful Backup Strategy

“When determining the right backup solution for your business, first take note of your data landscape, including what data needs to be backed up and where it lives. Then look for a multi-platform solution that handles all the operating systems and applications in your environment.”
Businesses Need Flexible, Agile, Reliable Backups to Safeguard Microsoft 365 Data
Comprehensive data protection and stress-free data recovery are a must in a business environment where information reigns king. Business leaders should understand their shared responsibility for protecting vital data assets in the cloud. Implementing a third-party backup for Microsoft 365 data brings peace of mind.
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