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Ransomware in 2024: Last Year’s Lessons Inform Today’s Strategies

A new article by HCC member cyber security expert eMazzanti Technologies warns that ransomware danger looms greater than ever and urges strengthened security. The author highlights changes in ransomware techniques, such as triple extortion and “follow-on” extortion attacks, that require greater vigilance.
After warning of complicating factors such as the explosion of IoT devices and the cyber security skills gap, she then outlines updated security guidelines.
The amount and sophistication of ransomware attacks took businesses by surprise in 2023. We cannot afford to be caught napping this year,” warned Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies.
Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Ransomware in 2024: Last Year’s Lessons Inform Today’s Strategies.

Not Your Momma’s Ransomware

“Threat actors still overwhelmingly use phishing emails to launch their attacks. And they continue to exploit known vulnerabilities on unpatched systems. Some things never change. But the nature of these attacks constantly evolves. Like studying the opposing team’s game plays, understanding current trends can help organizations shape their defense.”
And to Complicate Matters Even More…
“In addition, 5G networks have given rise to vast numbers of connected devices, with over half the world’s data projected to come from IoT devices by 2025. While this represents a boon for industry, every IoT device adds another possible entry point for hackers.”
Update Cyber Security to Protect Against Ransomware in 2024
“Limit use of remote desktop services – Threat actors frequently gain access to the target system through poorly-secured remote services. Once they have initial access, they use native Windows RDP client to move through the network.”
“Deploy EDR solutions to protect endpoints – At some point, every organization will find themselves in the ransomware crosshairs. Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions work to identify and remove threats early—before they escalate.”
Bring Security Experts to the Table
With a widening cyber security skills gap, many organizations find cyber security recommendations overwhelming. However, by partnering with a managed services and security provider such as eMazzanti Technologies, even small businesses gain access to deep expertise and enterprise-grade cyber security.
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