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IT Processes and Procedures You Should Outsource to Drive Business Value

A new article by CCH member and IT services provider eMazzanti Technologies discusses the benefits and risks of outsourcing IT functions and offers tips on how to determine where vendor services can deliver greatest business value.
The author first emphasizes the need to understand both the benefits and risks involved before jumping in. She then explores areas where outsourcing makes the most sense. These include specialized services, infrastructure management, and non-core functions.
IT functions fill a strategically important role in business operations. But they often require specialized skills and technology that many businesses lack,” explained Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. “Outsourcing fills in the gaps while reducing costs and providing crucial flexibility.”
Below are a few excerpts from the article, “IT Processes and Procedures You Should Outsource to Drive Business Value.
Balance Benefits and Risks
“Access to specialized skills – Startups and small businesses need experts in areas like cyber security and website development. But those experts can be difficult to find and expensive to hire. By partnering with outside experts, businesses gain access to a high level of skill that would otherwise prove beyond their reach.”
Specialized Services
“Similarly, businesses often turn to outside vendors to handle cloud computing and storage. By utilizing cloud storage and implementing SaaS solutions, businesses reduce operational costs. They also improve efficiency and security while enhancing collaboration and driving innovation.”
Infrastructure Management
“Maintaining networks, backups, and equipment requires constant vigilance. At the same time, optimal performance and business continuity depend on smoothly operating infrastructure. By monitoring the network 24x7 and providing proactive maintenance, a vendor decreases downtime while improving efficiency and security.”
Non-Core Functions and Repetitive Tasks
“Processes like IT helpdesk support and license management, while crucial, do not directly drive competitive advantage. Outsourcing these functions frees up the IT team to focus on more strategic tasks. At the same time, it ensures that critical items do not fall by the wayside.”
IT Processes and Procedures Outsourcing Experts
The decision of what functions to outsource varies widely from one business to another and depends on several factors. Organizations should look carefully at business needs and priorities, and consult business IT outsourcing experts. They should also weigh the availability and cost of internal resources with the risks and benefits of outsourcing.
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