Chamber of Commerce Hawaii represents more than 2,000 organizations including nonprofits and businesses of all sizes that encompass 210,000 employees from a wide variety of industries that are contributing more than $32 billion in revenue to Hawaii’s economy.

Discover the Services of The Cryptokenikeni Project!

Are you looking to revolutionize your business in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space? Look no further than The Cryptokenikeni Project!


1 - Talent Acquisition: The Cryptokenikeni Project helps companies find top talent in the blockchain industry. Our data-driven approach and industry expertise ensure that you connect with the best candidates for your organization.


2 - Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): We provide end-to-end recruitment process outsourcing solutions, handling the entire hiring process on your behalf. From sourcing to onboarding, we ensure a seamless recruitment experience.


3 - Employer Branding: Enhance your employer brand with The Cryptokenikeni Project. We help you develop compelling employer value propositions and implement strategies to attract and retain top blockchain talent.


4 - Market Insights and Talent Mapping: Stay ahead of the competition with our market insights and talent mapping services. We provide valuable industry trends, competitor analysis, and talent availability to inform your talent acquisition strategies.


5 - Consulting and Training: Our experienced consultants offer expert guidance on recruitment best practices, process improvement, and technology implementation. We also provide training programs to enhance the skills of your HR and recruitment teams.


6 - Technology Solutions: Streamline your recruitment process with our innovative technology solutions. The Cryptokenikeni Project's platform offers applicant tracking, assessment tools, and data analytics to optimize efficiency and decision-making.


Join The Cryptokenikeni Project and unlock the potential of blockchain talent for your organization! ????

The Cryptokenikeni Project


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