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Outsource Cyber Security for a Safe 2023 Says Security Expert

A Cyber security consultant, managed services provider (MSP), and CCH member urges business leaders to outsource cyber security for a safe 2023 in a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website. The informative article first asserts that we face a storm of cyber security challenges, from state-sponsored cyber warfare to the risks inherent in cloud computing.
The author then reviews the benefits of managed security services, including bridging the cyber skills gap, 24/7 system monitoring, risk assessments, and penetration testing. He also lists several questions to ask a potential cyber security provider and concludes with tips for success when outsourcing cyber security.
“Executives recognize the need for sophisticated defenses, but many organizations lack the necessary skills in-house,” stated Almi Dumi, CISO, eMazzanti Technologies. “When small and mid-sized businesses outsource cyber security, they benefit from enterprise-grade solutions to complex problems.”
Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Outsource Cyber Security for a Safe 2023.”
Benefits of Managed Cyber Security Services
“Businesses outsource cyber security for several key reasons. In the first place, organizations across the globe struggle to hire cyber security professionals as the cyber skills gap widens. Security providers help to close that gap by delivering the expertise and tools that organizations need but cannot provide internally.”
Critical Questions to Ask a Potential Cyber Security Provider
“How will support be delivered? Most provider will offer multiple support packages. Before signing a contract, know what the contract includes and what it does not include. Services should include 24/7 monitoring and support. Know the support process, including charges for on-site technicians when needed.”
“What does the contract cover? In addition to monitoring, does it include services such as security testing, backups, cloud based SIEM and email protection? Expect specific, detailed answers. Make sure you can scale services up or down as needs change.”
Tips for Outsourced Cyber Security Success
“Outsourcing cyber security involves a partnership. And like all successful partnerships, it requires good communication. Each side should clarify expectations up front. For instance, know the time and effort your in-house staff will need to commit. Be clear about necessary processes, as well as regulatory requirements.”
Outsourced Cyber Security Experts
Business leaders should consider an experienced cyber security provider such as eMazzanti Technologies. Whether they need specialized security services or a comprehensive cyber security solution, they have the tools and expertise to keep a business safe in 2023.
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