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New Features in Microsoft 365 to Make 2023 More Productive, Creative, and Collaborative

A Microsoft 365 expert and CCH member highlights new features in Microsoft 365 in a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website. The informative article first discusses the recently announced Microsoft Teams Premium with several features aimed at improving hybrid work.
The author then discusses the new Microsoft Create website which highlights the creative features already available in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Forms, plus two new apps: Clipchamp and Designer. She continues by introducing the new Games for Work app, embedded directly into the Teams workspace to spark team building. She concludes by discussing new features that enable Teams users to schedule messages and the sign language view that keeps signers and interpreters connected.
“In the last quarter of 2022, Microsoft announced a host of exciting new features in Microsoft 365,” stated Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. “From sign language view and intelligent recap in Teams meetings to new creativity tools, these features help us work smarter and connect more effectively.”
Below are a few excerpts from the article, “New Features in Microsoft 365 to Make 2023 More Productive, Creative, and Collaborative.
Make Meetings More Intelligent and Secure with Microsoft Teams Premium
“Recognizing that hybrid workplaces will continue to shape work patterns moving forward, Microsoft announced Microsoft Teams Premium this fall. Teams Premium offers several key features to improve meetings, including meeting guides, customized branding, intelligent recap, and live translations for captions.”
New Creator Tools Power Video Editing and Graphic Design
“Microsoft launched a new website called Create to pull together various design features into a central location. In addition to the creative features already available in PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Forms, Create adds two new apps: Clipchamp and Designer.”
Spark Team Building with Games for Work App
“A recent study by Brigham Young University suggests that playing short games together increases productivity significantly more than traditional team-building activities. With that in mind, Microsoft introduced the new Games for Work app, embedded directly into the Teams workspace.”
Sign Language View Keeps Signers and Interpreters Connected
“Virtual meetings can prove challenging for people who are hard of hearing. Now, sign language view improves inclusivity by keeping the video feeds for interpreters and other signers in a consistent location. The feature also ensures that signers’ video feeds use the highest available quality and appear in the optimal shape and size.”
Discover More Exciting New Features in Microsoft 365
Dedicated to driving productivity, creativity, and collaboration, Microsoft regularly adds new features and tools to the Microsoft 365 workspace. The Microsoft 365 experts at eMazzanti Technologies help organizations choose the best options and configure them for optimal use.
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