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Microsoft AI Solutions for Business Drive Innovation and Connection

A Microsoft Partner and CCH member highlights new AI-powered Microsoft business solutions in a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website. The informative article first discusses the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and Microsoft’s commitment to balance innovation and responsible progress.
The author then explains how Viva Sales now includes a preview version of a new GPT seller experience that streamlines communication. Acknowledging that Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been using AI to drive customer insights since 2018, she adds that it also uses AI to detect payment fraud, account takeovers, and bot attacks. She concludes by discussing the Azure OpenAI Service and GitHub Copilot that allow businesses to develop cutting-edge applications using highly advanced AI models and help developers code more quickly.
“Current applications of artificial intelligence (AI) promise huge benefits for businesses. At the same time, the technology remains young and somewhat unpredictable,” stated Jennifer Mazzanti, CEO, eMazzanti Technologies. “Committed to mindful progress, Microsoft AI solutions for business deliver responsible AI tools to help companies balance innovation with responsibility.”
Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Microsoft AI Solutions for Business Drive Innovation and Connection.
Improve Customer Communication with GPT
“Viva Sales now includes a preview version of a new GPT seller experience. Salespeople typically spend over half of their time managing email. Viva Sales aims to give some of those hours back by streamlining the communication process and making it more effective.”
AI-Driven Insights Power Greater Customer Connections
“While ChatGPT has made headlines recently, Dynamics 365 has been using AI to drive sales and marketing since 2018. Dynamics 365 uses AI to deliver deep customer insights, improve decision making and even detect fraud.”
Azure OpenAI Service and GitHub Copilot
“While AI offers tangible benefits to business, many companies have lacked the tools and expertise necessary to implement AI solutions. By partnering with OpenAI, Microsoft aims to remove those roadblocks. In January, for instance, Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure OpenAI Service.”
Microsoft Committed to Responsible AI
“Developers wishing to use Azure OpenAI Service must describe their intended use case before gaining access. And Microsoft incorporates content filtering, abuse detection and operational monitoring. The company also takes measures to protect your data at every step using comprehensive security and compliance controls.”
Get Started with Microsoft AI Solutions for Business
The AI capabilities available from Microsoft propel business forward. Business leaders start with a problem to solve, then determine where data lives in the organization to help solve the problem. Then they identify areas where AI can gather and use that data to develop the needed solutions. A veteran Microsoft partner like eMazzanti Technologies helps them choose and implement Microsoft AI solutions to drive transformational results.
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About eMazzanti Technologies
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