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Ensure Cyber Security Readiness with a Midsummer Fitness Checkup

A CCH member, cyber security consultant, and managed services provider (MSP) encourages midsummer cyber security fitness checkups in a new article on the eMazzanti Technologies website. The informative article first reviews the essentials of basic cyber security readiness, including patch management, data backups, and strong passwords.
The author then urges readers to engage a security consultant to conduct a risk assessment. He also advocates that organizations take the time to review access controls and test disaster recovery plans. He concludes by suggesting that organizations enlist the available expert help to get started.
“Just like a tired worker who has spent too many long days behind a desk, organizations need a fitness check,” stated Almi Dumi, CISO, eMazzanti Technologies. “Invest time this summer into assessing cyber security readiness.”
Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Ensure Cyber Security Readiness with a Midsummer Fitness Checkup.”
Double-check Essentials of Basic Cyber Security Readiness
“Enforce strong password policies – Hackers love a weak password, as it provides them an open door into your system. Implement password policies that enforce strong passwords, require regular password change, and prevent users from reusing their previous passwords. Better yet, utilize multi-factor authentication.”
“Improve security awareness training – Take steps to improve employee training to be more targeted and engaging. In particular, phishing awareness training can prove critical in guarding against the most common threats.”
Conduct Risk Assessments
“With the basics underway, take a deeper dive by engaging a security consultant to run a security evaluation. The consultant will look at the organization from the viewpoint of a hacker to uncover existing vulnerabilities. This includes identifying information technology assets, as well as reviewing existing security policies and controls.”
Test Disaster Recovery Plan
“Every organization needs a disaster recovery plan if a natural disaster, technical failure or cyber-attack impacts digital assets. This should include key personnel and their roles, a communication plan, and steps to take at every stage of the incident.”
Expert Cyber Security Help
The security experts at eMazzanti Technologies offer free cyber security assessments to get organizations started. In a time of security personnel shortages, they stay updated on the latest tools and trends in cyber security. They also keep on top of emerging cyber threats and changes in the regulatory environment.
eMazzanti consultants help organizations move past checkbox compliance to implement comprehensive cyber security strategies tailored to business needs. From initial risk assessment to network security, email defense, and continuous monitoring, eMazzanti has the options business leaders need to balance productivity and security.
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