Twin Fin Waikiki



About Us

Surfing was cultivated in our backyard and shared by Duke Kahanamoku with the world, so of course we embrace its energy and attitude and celebrate the timeless charm of surfing’s golden days. We welcome the curious. We invite those who long to experience and be part of the story of Waikiki—the birthplace of not just modern surfing but a lifestyle.

We’re a retreat. A place to relax and take in the beauty of Waikiki’s iconic sights and rolling swells, from sunrise to sunset. We’re a gathering place to connect with others and share memorable, meaningful moments. We’re a hub for discovering local music, art, and a lasting connection with our island community. And with stunning, front-row views of Waikiki Beach, we’re a place to reflect on the events of the day. And plan the adventures that lie ahead.

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