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Welcome to International Bridge!

At International Bridge (IB), we specialize in bridging the distance between businesses and their customers across non-continental US locations, including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, US territories, and military addresses. Since 2003, our Non-Continental (Non-Con) US shipping solutions have been crucial in helping our clients expand their reach to areas that are traditionally challenging to serve.

Our commitment to the Hawaiian Islands is at the forefront of our expansion efforts. With our main distribution hub in Honolulu and extending our presence to the outer islands such as the Big Island and Maui, we are uniquely positioned to serve the entire state with efficiency and reliability.

Why Choose Us?

Our advanced logistics network and partnerships enable us to offer fast delivery within 3-5 business days to non-continental US locations.
We offer competitive rates that make us a cost-effective option for small parcel delivery.

Our powerful Print&Ship platform, blue™, allows for instant label printing and offers multiple carrier options. This platform is ideal for all-size retailers looking for a seamless shipping solution without subscription fees.

Enhance your shipping capabilities with IB! Our Customer Experience team is dedicated to understanding your business needs and assisting you in maximizing the benefits of your services. Contact us to learn how you can expand your business in Hawaii and other non-continental US locations. Join us in transforming the shipping experience to these unique destinations.


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