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About Us

Indevtech has been serving Hawaii since 2001, providing end-to-end managed IT services to small- and medium-businesses. Our philosophy is very simple: we strive to be the best at what we do, so that you can succeed at what you do. We have a proven framework that, when deployed with a solid commitment from our clients, provides an unshakable foundation on which our clients can build their businesses.

We are the IT department for many small businesses in Hawaii, across different verticals such as healthcare, legal, financial, and manufacturing concerns.

More than simply providing IT support, we have found a niche in gaining deep insight of our clients' business processes and goals, and helping them succeed from the inside out. Our clients begin to see technology as an investment, rather than a line-item expense, which is how we believe it should be.

We are looking for clients who take their business as seriously as we take ours, and who are committed to achieving greatness, today and tomorrow.

It may be an unorthodox approach, but it is working for our clients, who prosper and carry on with the business of conducting business, rather than trying to manage or cut corners on their IT.

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