Environmental Engineer

Posted: 10/31/2021

Primary responsibility is to ensure the Refinery complies with all Federal and State regulations pertaining to all waste management projects.  Develops programs to promote compliance with all applicable environmental rules and regulations in adherence to established company guidelines, policies and procedures.  Provides guidance, direction and training to refinery personnel to maintain a safe and environmentally sound work place.  Manages programs and projects and interacts with regulatory agencies on groundwater, soil and waste-related permitting and compliance issues.  Provides assistance in identifying and defining environmental plans and goals. 

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering, Civil/Environmental Engineering, Geology, or related field required.
  • Professional certifications preferred.
  • Requires a minimum of four years’ experience or an equivalent combination of education/experience in waste management and soil and/or groundwater remediation preferably in a petroleum refinery.
  • Requires a team player, with strong organizational skills.
  • Requires ability to manage multiple tasks under pressure.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills required.
  • Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, EPA reporting programs.
  • Prepare and submit required RCRA related reports including RCRA Biennial Reports, hazardous waste minimization plan, waste analysis plan, hazardous waste contingency plan.
  • Coordinates all hazardous and nonhazardous waste collection, management of satellite accumulation areas, sampling and testing, preparation of treatment and disposal facility waste profiles, waste manifests, shipments, invoice reviews and approvals, and recordkeeping. 
  • Reviews and selects waste contractors and treatment and disposal facilities and transporters for minimizing environmental liability and costs to Refinery.
  • Be on-call and available to manage spill response and cleanups relative to soil or water, including historical remediation programs.
  • Coordinate testing of vacuum trucks for RCRA Subpart CC and NESHAPS FF compliance.
  • Maintain relationships with federal, state and local agencies, including USEPA and HDOH.
  • Manages other environmental programs or special projects as assigned, including but not limited to:
    • Prepare and submit Tier II SARA 312 chemical inventory reports.
    • Coordinate preparation and submittal of SARA 313 Form R (TRI) reports.
    • Manage TSCA program, prepare and submit TSCA compliance agency reports.  
    • Coordinate and report on aboveground storage tank roof and seal inspections.
    • Participate in incident investigation and other safety programs.
  • Perform other duties and special assignments as necessary.

  • Business Understanding:  Demonstrates understanding of business and how actions contribute to company performance.
  •  Delivering Results:  Delivers operational excellence by planning, organizing and owning work assignments from start to finish.
  •  Interpersonal Relationships:  Relates well to and effectively influences others within and across functions through effective communication and collaboration.
  •  Professional Conduct:  Recognizes impact behavior has on others and demonstrates commitment, adaptability and resilience.
Emergency or on-call may be required on weekends and after-hours.  Exposed to heat, noise, humidity, attitude, smoke, fumes, dust, gases, and, asbestos.  Nomex coveralls, safety glasses, ear plugs, gloves, steel-toe shoes, hard hats, and respirators are provided.  Spends approximately 80% of time in office environment and 20% of time in the field performing inspections, supervising project work, etc.
Frequent walking, standing, and sitting required.  Must be able to reach overhead, squat, kneel, climb and grasp.  Must be able to lift light, medium, and heavy objects.  Must have 20/40 vision or better, have depth perception, full field, and able to distinguish colors as required to perform duties.