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Upgrade the job skills of your employees conveniently and affordably!
Newman Consulting Services, LLC
Newman Consulting Services is a State of Hawaii licensed vocational school and Employment Training Fund training provider offering workforce development programs focused on upgrading the knowledge and skills of business owners and their employees; on-site evaluations and business success mentoring programs; and pre-employment training and internship programs focused on advanced business skills and application to support individuals overcome employment barriers and further career opportunities.   
Employers and their employees are eligible to receive up to 50% (maximum $250 tuition cap) of tuition costs for each course through the Employment & Training Fund.   Upgrading the job skills of employees assists them in performing better in their jobs.

Courses include:
•    Office 365 End User Training
•    Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher
•    Delivering First Class Customer Service
•    Attitude Skills for Workplace Success
•    Business Writing and Email Etiquette
•    Taking Your Business to the Next Level
•    Taking your Business from Chaos to Control
•    And many more!

For more information or to schedule a training, please call us at (808)596-0200 or email us at
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