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Dale Carnegie Training Hawaii - training drives bottom line results
Coaching individuals & teams to develop Greater Confidence, Communication & People Skills, Presentations & Leadership Skills, Control Worry & Stress.
ignites workplace enthusiasm by Increasing individual and team performance, Building Leadership from Within, Proven Sales Process, Manage Change in Multi-Generational Workforce, Drive Employee Engagement. 

ETF provides 50% tuition assistance, and up to $400 per approved course. Employers pay the remaining 50% and any excess balance. ETF applications must be submitted and approved no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of the program.The DCT Office coordinates ETF completion and submittal.

The following courses are offered and approved for ETF subsidy:
  • The Dale Carnegie Course (Over 9M Graduates to date)
  • Leadership Training for Managers
  • The Dale Carnegie SALES Course: Winning with Relationship Selling
  • How to Sell Like a Pro
  • How to Cold Call & Build New Customers
  • Power Prospecting: How to Get More Leads & Customers
  • How to Deliver Winning Sales Presentations
  • People Skills for First Time Managers
  • How to Run Meetings
  • How to Keep your Staff Motivated, Energized & Engaged
  • How to Turn Difficult Employees into Productive Contributors
  • How to Handle Multiple Demands on your time
  • Sales Leadership Excellence
  • Intro to Exceptional Customer Service
  • How to turn Customer Service into Relationships
  • How Communicate with Diplomacy & Tact
  • Interpersonal Skills for IT and Technical Professionals
  • How to Conquer Workplace Stress
  • Attitudes for Service & Telephone Skills
  • Step up to Leadership
  • Time Management
  • High Impact Presentations
    Check out the website or call 538-3253  for assistance with ETF and enrollment     Receive a 10% discount when you mention your Chamber Membership.

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phone: (808) 538-3253
Offer Valid: March 23, 2016January 1, 2019
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